State PAS Officer is a position of leadership and carries a lot of responsibility. The officers are the student Board members who are charged with the responsibility of providing leadership and direction to the organization throughout the year. An officers duties can be classified in three general categories:

1. To motivate the members to achieve their highest potential and get the greatest benefit from being involved in PAS.

2. To promote the organization and act as a goodwill ambassador with the public, education organizations and agricultural partners.

3. To give direction to the work of the organization and perform all tasks necessary to execute the various activities and programs.

Serving as an Iowa PAS Officer

Serving as an officer in the PAS is a great honor. Having the chance to serve as a state officer comes with many opportunities to influence, impact and serve PAS members, advisors, teachers and supporters of the organization. These opportunities to lead and impact are invaluable and represent what the service to PAS is all about. Below is a list of the opportunities that state officers participate in during their year of service.

Officer Training – This several-day training retreat is created for state officers to develop their facilitation skills, build a social media presence and learn proper etiquette for media interviews. The state officer team will also work together to build team strengths and character.

Partnership Visits – Meet with agribusiness representatives and government officials - State officers also have the opportunities to meet with people that influence agriculture and education on state, national, and regional levels.

Other opportunities the state officers develop, coordinate and conduct throughout the year include:

  • Attend National PAS Conference
  • PAS Display, PAS shows, Attendant Programs at the Iowa State Fair
  • Chapter Visits
  • Officer Leadership Training
  • Banquet Coordination
  • Fall Leadership Conference
  • State Conference

Serving as a state PAS officer is an honor as well as a great responsibility. The year of service as an officer is an unforgettable one. The privilege of serving more than 1,500 members in Iowa is an incredible, life-shaping opportunity that few get to experience.

Officer Team

State President | Kylie Peck

Secretary | Paige Roberts

Vice-President | Nora Ryan

Vice-President | Kaylee Young

Vice-President |Ashlee Tomlinson

Vice-President | Harley Baumler