Team Career Program Areas

The following Career Program Areas are found at the local, state and national levels.* These Award Program Areas provides the student/member the opportunity to enhance and improve their competency levels (including but not inclusive) in the areas of learning communities, process management, consensus problem solving, presentation, information analysis, and time management.

Contests: PAS member can compete in:

  • ONE College Bowl team
  • ONE other team event (Livestock, Soils, Crops, etc.)
  • ONE Career Planning (1st year students) or Career Progress (2nd year students) area
  • ONE other individual event (Ag Sales, Employment Interview, Speaking, etc.)

Agricultural Machinery Service Technician

College Bowl

Crops Specialist

Dairy Specialist

Equine Specialist

Farm Business Management (**NEW - Iowa only, no advancement to National PAS)

Livestock Specialist (Beef, Sheep, Swine, and Overall)

Ornamental Horticulture Specialist: Floriculture

Ornamental Horticulture Specialist: Landscape Design/Nursery Management

Soil Science Specialist

Turfgrass Management Specialist

*Iowa CPA events will follow by the same rules set forth by the National PAS Organization.